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An interesting insight into how even tomatoes are subject to the whims of fashion. 12 varieties are listed – of those, 3 are still readily avaliable (Ailsa Craig, Harbinger and The Amateur).

Ailsa Craig. Has been in cultivation many years and has stood the test of time. It is a strong, dependable variety and more disease-resisting than most.

Sunrise. A good variety for inside or outdoors. Its fruits are round and not too thick-skinned. Its flesh is firm and it carries few seeds. It has the advantage of being a good “setter”.

Market King. Is very popular in some parts of the country where it is grown in quantity. The fruit colours well and is fleshy with few seeds and pulp.

Bide’s Recruit. A variety with an unusually strong root system so that it can be grown successfully on worn-out or less-good soil than most other sorts. It colours well but the fruits are inclined to be a trifle small.

Kondine Red. A short-jointed variety and a heavy cropper. One of the best-known and most popular types.

Potentate. Medium-sized fruits of good colour borne on large, strong trusses.

Best of All and Radio are two more spendid red varieties.

*Harbinger. A very early variety when grown outdoors. Also excellent under glass.

*Pride of the Garden. A particularly robust type which sets freely and produces large trusses of medium-sized fruits of good colour and texture.

*Essex Wonder. Somewhat similar to the above and very popular in some districts, especially East Anglia and the south.

*The Amateur. Probably the best of the bush types that have come on the market during the last few years. The plants are sturdy, compact, and about 1ft. high. Each plant should produce 4 lb. upwards of medium-sized good-flavoured fruits. It is a good variety for the small grower who has little time to attend to plants which must be grown on orthodox lines.

* Varieties particularly suitable for outdoor cultivation.

The comments on The Amateur are interesting in that they seem to imply that the bush/indeterminate varieties of tomatoes were avaliable only from the fifties onwards. And although there are many more bush varieties avaliable now – given that they don’t require the same amount of time and attention that indeterminate varieties do – it’s interesting that they are still very much a minority of the tomatoes people choose to grow. ( I say this in the context of Shrove Tuesday and reports of the increase in sales of both ready-made pancakes and ready-mix pancake kits!). Find this prepagos bogota.




Weighing Up, Weighing Out…



This debate over the merits or otherwise of organic vegetables reminds me of a tale of carrots…as told by a gardener whose father was a chemist/horticultist…On first tasting carrots not sourced from her father’s plot, she thought how disappointing the flavour was and for a time she chomped her way through inferior carrotty carrots, marvelling at how her father had managed to produce such tasty carrots. It was a while before the penny dropped and she realised that what gave her father’s carrots their extra special flavour – was his other passion and profession – chemical fertilizers. What she had always thought of as “carrot flavour” was in fact the flavour of her father’s much beloved products….

I am not saying that this stands true for all or any other kind of vegetables or fertilizer products… and on the other hand having been one of the many people who made up the taste tests at Totally Tomato (which informed these results) taking part felt fun and informal but not necessarily rigorous… So I think I what I’d take from this is that it’s so much better for us to make our own decisions as to what fits all of our requirements – health, taste and budget…make a choice and not fret …everyone had their own agenda…

What ever their status one thing seems true for tomatoes – we are buying less single round tomatoes, less single cherry tomatoes… and more tomatoes on the vine…that’s according to the Dutch who last year exported 758 million kg of tomatoes!

And whilst in no way equal in actual weight – in fact a mere truckful – the export of tomatoes from the Gaza strip – the first since 2007 carries its own weight… chicas escorts Bogota.


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